New Wine

Lent 2023 is coming—and with it, an invitation to step back from the wearying world and renew your soul.

This year’s incredible Blessed is She Lent devotional is all about renewal and transformation in our lives—allowing our trials to press us into an ever more fine, full-bodied wine. Each week follows a stage of this process as we shed our old wine skins, and with Christ face our difficulties:

  • Surrender (the Harvesting)
  • Anguish (the Crushing)
  • Torment (the Pressing)
  • Humiliation (the Fermenting)
  • Carrying (the Clarifying)
  • Sacrifice (the Aging)

& finally—New Wine, the resurrection of New Life through Easter.

Each week of Lent, you’ll be guided in prayer through:

Scripture (Lectio Divina)

Sacred art (Visio Divina)

Sacred Music

Mysteries of the rosary

& Personal reflections (I wrote on Sacrifice).

If the world has left you wanting; if your cross feels crushing; if you’d rather run from suffering (wouldn’t we all!)—come away for awhile and meet God in this devotional. (Re)Discover His heart for you…and His healing in you.

He’s worth it—and so are you.

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