Holy Mary: Seemingly Meek; Powerful Beyond Belief

Holy Mary. Seemingly meek; powerful beyond belief.

The Lord would never have asked her to become a wife and mother, would not have asked her to remain pure, had He not already planted both desires deep within her heart. Seemingly incompatible—with the Lord, incomprehensibly possible. 

The fulfillment of both desires brought with it unbridled joy and gutting grief. An adoring wife turned widow. A doting mother embracing her perfect—her only—Son’s lifeless body. 

Yet from her crushing cross and sword-severed heart also came unequaled openness—to unthinkable resurrection, to far greater fulfillment, just as the Lord had promised her. Just as the Lord promises us.

She became both the wife of Joseph and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She’s the Mother of God and the mother of the entire Church—you and me. 

She’s a humble handmaid who, in her total deference to God’s will, was elevated to the highest of heavenly honors. Greater than any earthly general, God has given her authority to crush the head of Satan and command His angels to lead humanity back to His heart. 

She was the first woman on earth to ever unreservedly say ‘fiat’ — yes to life, seemingly ill-timed. Yes to death, seemingly final. Yes to resurrection, seemingly impossible. Yes to grief, seemingly insurmountable. Yes to unparalleled glory, seemingly unattainable. 

Yes to God’s will over her own in every instant. To the seemingly contrary freedom of willful self-denial. To the everlasting ecstasy which is the only ultimate and fitting fruit of complete and total surrender. 

She is teaching me, showing us, that with the Lord there is ALWAYS more—especially when it seems least likely. She continually consoles us with her intimate experience of the human condition while reminding us that—like her—we are made for more. We are called to more. 

Called to say yes, like her, to those desires and invitations that lead to the cross—yet with Christ, in Christ—ultimately lead to unsurpassed resurrection. 

Happiest birthday, Mother most Powerful, Virgin most Pure. Keep us wrapped in the armor of your mantle always.